Minzault Despretz 79 was founded in 2003 a full services financial firm helping business make the right investment decisions. We manage a huge portfolio worth billions.
Based in Bonn, Germany, MD79 is placed in the perfect location in Europe to take advantange of some of the hottest businesses on the contnent. Our portfolio represents companies on the London, Paris and Frankfurt stock exchanges.

A limited liability copany, we are run by our founder, CEO Brett Andersen. Our 6 Europe-wide offices employee over 400 people, ranging from financial experts to investment managers.

Our strategy is asnd has always been to play the long term game and then only invest 20% in short term strategic investments. This is low risk high reward invesment and has won us many industry awards as the best stock portfolio to invest in for 6 years running. 

Lately we've opened office in New York and Sydney, Australia as well as Hong Kong and Tokyo. This approach gives us the full breadth of global trade and allows us to make more money fo you. 

If you would like to invest with us, please reach out to us on our contact page. We invite people with all incomes to join our investment future. We are fully regulated by the financial services authority in the UK, Switzerland and the USA, so they come backed with the governments quality assurance.

In the future we hope to expand to India and China. Our growth has been slow and stedy, but for a deliberate reason