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Millennials are bringing freelancing to the forefront of the job economy. Freelancing work, particularly work that can be done or arranged online, is on the rise as millennials populate the workforce and customer population.

82 percent of millennial freelancers are optimistic about the future of the freelance market, and all evidences indicates that it will only grow in the future. Which means now is a great time to get on board and get familiar with the field.
Luckily, smartphone applications have kept up with the freelance market, and at many times is leading the market.

There are a multitude of apps available to help facilitate freelance work, almost as good as using a method. They can be an excellent source of income when utilized correctly. Many times, they offer payment protection services a freelance user wouldn’t have if they were operating on their own.  Here are five great helps to help you join the gig economy.
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Adolescence is fraught with changes and worries for both children and their parents. 
Finding the right approach to talking to your children about drugs and alcohol is different for every parent. But if you are worried that it is time to have that conversation, here are some of the most common signs to look out for if you believe your child might be doing drugs.
Behavioral and Mood Changes
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5 Things Gambling Taught Me about Being an Entrepreneur
Every successful business needs a little bit of luck behind it. Think about how Xerox famously passed on a GUI system which led the road to Apple’s success. Or for a more literal example, about how the founder of FedEx actually took the company’s last $5,000 to a Las Vegas blackjack table as a last gamble to pay off a debt – and won. An with that winnig, you can buy yourself a cheap bed in the UK at any time.
But luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, and that applies to both business and gambling. And while business is more than gambling, there are several principles of gambling which any businessman should know to become successful.
Here are five principles which any businessman should know from gambling on how to stay cool, find the right people, and know when it may be time to leave the game.
If you took a high-school probability class, you know that if you flip a coin three times and it comes up heads three times, that means nothing towards determining what side the coin will land on for the next flip. This principle holds well in gambling as well: just because you got three bad hands does not guarantee your next hand will be bad.
And in business, the same principle holds. There are countless tales of business who did well for a while, thought they were invincible, and took on riskier ventures which destroyed the company. Enron may be the most infamous example, as a few successes in natural gas caused them to think they could be profitable in any venture they pleased, even fields like broadband where they had no experience.
Don’t be like Enron.